Tribek Properties

Tribek Properties is an accomplished retail development company based in Charlotte, NC. The company prides itself on providing hands-on service to its exclusive clients. With a wealth of experience in developing commercial real estate projects in the Southeast, Tribek Properties brings a level of expertise to the table that is unmatched by other developers.

Whether it’s locating the most suitable site or taking a seat at the negotiating table, Tribek Properties manages every real estate project from site identification to project delivery.

With close to twenty years in the real estate development business, Tribek Properties is proficient in most facets of real estate development. This includes ground-up development, property management and brokerage, as well as property disposition and acquisition. No matter the line of business, Tribek Properties provides its signature hands-on service to each and every client and business partner.

Tribek Properties specializes in first class real estate developments with creditworthy clients. The company always aims to find the perfect site for the end-user, and to deliver the building or center that was originally envisioned.

The best way to get peak value out of a property is by utilizing a professional property management service. Tribek Properties believes in keeping tenants happy and centers vibrant, which in turn creates a more valuable investment.

Tribek Properties is fully licensed to represent buyers or sellers, landlords or tenants. No matter which side of the negotiating table a client finds itself on, having experienced representation typically yields the best outcome.

Whether a client is buying or selling an asset, they might not have the proper industry knowledge or experience to complete the transaction. Tribek Properties understands the investment property business inside and out, even for clients who simply want help identifying opportunities.



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