Raider Consulting, LLC

Opening the doors to your business can also mean opening your company to the risks of fraud. Knowing how to mitigate those risks and optimizing both risk and fraud strategies can ensure that you and your customers have safe business exchanges.

At Raider Consulting, we take risk assessment seriously. With nearly 30 years in corporate banking experience, we've researched and performed best practice assessments to give our clients a greater sense of security in dealing with potential business partners and in customer service.  We are proud to serve the Lake Norman area to make sure our regional businesses are not targets on fraud and identity theft.

Whether it's identity verification, developing benchmarks for data security or handling the online fluctuations in technological enhancements, Raider Consulting is ready to help your company succeed.

Call Raider Consulting today to find out how we can assist you: 704-618-1288


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