Kathy Zering and Live Amazing LLC -- Success Coaching

Showing ambitious professionals who are over-stressed or frustrated and getting fed up with their current situation, how to get focused, feel better than ever, have more success and get the results they need to enjoy an amazing life!

After a 20-year career in Corporate Human Resources and studying psychology and self-development for most of her life, Kathy Zering understands people. And she created Live Amazing LLC because of her deep desire to help others that are struggling or need some support to start feeling better.

Kathy partners with her clients to get to the root cause of what's keeping them from living their best lives and offers solutions and tools for lasting improvement and success. She provides various service options for the unique needs of her clients, including 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching and coaching programs. A free introductory 25-minute coaching strategy session can be booked online via Kathy's website at www.kathyzering.com.

Kathy also owns and operates Energy Rapport, a division of Live Amazing LLC that specialize in self-development, connection, and helping you strengthen a close and harmonious relationship with energy and energy healing modalities for increased joy, well-being and enlightenment.

After suffering through a serious disease in her late 20's that conventional medicine could not diagnose or treat, Kathy was able to heal via energy treatments and mind-body medicine. She understands firsthand their effectiveness for improving chronic conditions brought on by imbalances and stressors to our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Energy Rapport services include Reiki Energy Certification Classes, In-Office and Distant Reiki Energy Sessions, Amethyst BioMat Sessions and Crystal Energy Layout Sessions. Visit www.energyrapport.com to learn more.

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