Data Driven Safety

At Data Driven Safety, we believe that public data should be used for the public good.  We have experienced firsthand how communities, workplaces and roadways can be made safer when protected by an informed and engaged public.

Our industry-leading data collection and management platform allows us to retrieve disparate data from thousands of local law enforcement, DMVs and judicial organizations on a daily basis.  We transform this difficult-to-obtain information into easy-to-use safety services that benefit our customers and partners while helping to protect their communities.

Our services are utilized nationally by public corporations, a state risk pool, municipalities, educational institutions, health care providers, health care payors and nonprofits.

We synthesize public data to give our customers and partners valuable insights that help them reduce costs, manage risk and anticipate challenges.  With the intelligent use of our data, we aim to save lives, prevent fraud and lower health care costs.  Become a DDS partner and experience the power of data analytics done right.

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