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We are Kip and Marina Brooks, creators and founders of Brooks Empowerment Academy. We are certified Coaches, Master Practitioners and Trainers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

As Brooks Empowerment Academy we serve several different groups; we run workshops and seminars on becoming Mentally & Emotionally Free, we offer Corporate Trainings on Sales with Integrity, Productivity, Communication and much more, and we are the creators of L.E.A.D.– a Youth Empowerment and Leadership program and summer camp.

It is a sad reality that we live in a society that has become far too dependent on medicating symptoms and ignoring the root cause while accepting bandaid solutions that typically do more harm than good in the long run instead of getting rid of the problem at its core.

Through our work and live events we are on a mission to bring awareness around the epidemic of pharmaceutical, food, and media overdose that leads people to numbing the pain as opposed to solving the issue. Our mission is to spread the knowledge and tools available to treat and cure mental disorders such as depression, stress and anxiety naturally and to wipe out suicide entirely.

We teach, coach and guide our students and clients to use the very tools we used to create our life to design and live the life of your dreams. It was based on this collection of tried, tested and true tools and techniques that we created our Signature Breakthrough Coaching Program and founded B.E.A. 

We work with individuals, one-on-one and in groups, from all walks of life and in many different areas of life. Whether you are looking for guidance and support in your Marriage or Relationship, in your Health and Fitness, in your Career and Finances, in your Home and Family Life, or in your Spirituality or Personal Growth and Development we are equipped with tools and techniques to help you with any of the above.

Whether you are at the Discovery part of your Personal Development journey or have been traveling this path for a while, we will support you in releasing what is no longer working and is no longer serving you, and guide you in creating a new vision, a new destination, a new life.


Our Mission

To empower people to let go of their limitations, release their obstacles and step into their own greatness so that they can live the life they truly desire.


Our Vision

A world where we are at cause in designing and creating our lives from an empowered place of love, authenticity and acceptance. 

A world where we see each other for the holistic beings that we are, and where we connect, build and thrive with all four aspects of the human being – the Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and the Physical, in harmony.


Our Values

Leadership ✧ Freedom ✧ Integrity 

Impact ✧ Authenticity ✧ Prosperity and Abundance ✧ Passion ✧ Communication ✧ Connection ✧ Love

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